Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hectic on last October

Hello! I'm just back from a trip to Kuala Lumpur to visit my family and friends. It was good to be away from social media for two weeks and now I feel refresh. If you have followed my instagram or twitter, I had a busy month of last October and it was a huge change to me. I changed my job, decided to take a break from work, joined two nuffnang's events and a volunteer program.


Best part of taking a train. 


Watched advanced screening of Gone Girl which organised by Nuffnang. The movie totally blew me away with unexpected ending. At first I was freaked out to watch this movie because it wasn't my type  - horror and violence genre. But I would rate this movie 8 out of 10!



Once was first musical show I ever watched in Melbourne. Previously, I blogged a review about this show and you can find the link here.

IMG_5191 E

How could I never explore this beautiful Princess Theatre?!

IMG_5187 E


Volunteered for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014. To be honest, this is one of the most organised events that I've participated. I worked as a bartender and front officer. Despite I have to work till late night, the latest would be 1-2am, they provided free transport to ensure us arrived home safely. #thumbsup

As a volunteer, we were also given opportunity to watch any shows whenever there are seats available. I'm really appreciate how they value us and I wouldn't mind to volunteer again if there is a chance!

IMG_5182 IMG_5175 IMG_5173 BW

Opening Night at North Melbourne Town Hall 

IMG_5174 IMG_5170

Show: This is not a love song


During the Melbourne Fringe Festival, I watched six shows in total. Out of these shows, my favourites are Tripped and This is the Love Song. 

Attic Erractic Presents: Tripped 
a parable story of racial prejudice viewed through a dark comedic lens 

I Can Disappear 
brings the body to the fore as the artist questions the very nature "self" 

Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues 
 a well-meaning, but slightly unhinged music teacher treats an unwitting geography class to a surprise music lesson. 

The Birdmann in Momentous Timing 
an indie underground comic seeks audience for intimate theatrical relationship for one hour only. 

Laura Davis: Pillow of Strength 
one of the most raved about shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She pushes into new ground in this darkly honest, constantly surprising and very funny show about love, loving and Oasis. 

This Is Not a Love Song
 A play about love, pain and The Horses. With a live sound track featuring great song written. 

All information about the shows credited to Melbourne Fringe Festival

IMG_5262 IMG_5266 E

Free admission at Awards Night. 


By comparing myself last five years ago, I wouldn't able to understand a thing for all these shows that I have watched. Today, I'm glad that I able to watch the show without any difficulty to understand the language.

Overall, busy month but productive. Was working for two jobs and volunteered after work till late night. No complaints. Just that I'm blessed to have the opportunities. #thankful

Till then, 
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