Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Falls Creek 2.3 | 2014

Second day of snow trip was wonderful. It was snowing and that was my first ever, seeing the snow. Well we did gave up on trying to excel the skill of snowboarding. Muscle ache like nobody throughout the night despite I had medicine to reduce the pain. Nevertheless, no regret on doing it!

Here's the only cafeteria or rest place when we were top of the mountain. The food indeed was pricey but I guess we have no choice to avoid it. Unless you bring your own meals and pay for the locker to store your stuffs. 

I'm lucky to be here for the first time while managed to see the snow flakes!

 Here's the video to sum up the whole trip. =) and don't forget to check out Day 1.2 of Falls Creek here about accommodation and the cost of this trip. 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Falls Creek Day 1.2 | 2014

Hola! Bye winter and Hi Spring! Wait.. let me throwback the photos back on August 17, 2014. #ops

Joined a group of friends to Falls Creek on last year August. It was a nice trip since I have not been travelling for a very long time.

We departed around 7pm as everyone had just finished work.

At 1.30am, we were trying to find one petrol station before heading to the mountain. When we realised that all the petrol stations were closed, we were freaked out that we may not able to make it to Falls Creek. Fortunately, a friendly staff who worked at the bar contacted the person while he was still in the middle of sleep. Glad he came out and helped us to open the petrol station!

Couldn't imagine if ten people have to stay over in a small bus!

Safely arrived the accommodation at 3.45am.

This is my first time ever been to snow mountain. I was over the moon and so excited!
Though I have been living in Melbourne for more than 5 years, somehow I haven't got the chance to do snow trip. Main reason is - it can cost a lot of money!

Getting ready for snowboarding. 

We stayed at Halleys Lodge and the location of the accommodation is very close to the main ski entrance. Less than 10 minutes walk, and accessible to any shops or cafes. I couldn't remember how much we paid but the price includes meals - breakfast and dinner. The room though, it was small as expected. It's a backpacker room anyway.

Food was decent and surprisingly dessert was served too! 

For the cost of this trip, I have paid around AUD800-900 for two days two nights. It included accommodation, ride, gears, and food. I didn't bought any snow gears, so I spent most of the money in renting all of them - waterproof jacket and pants ($56), snowboard ($81), boots and helmets, and 2 days lift passes ($144).

Friend of mine suggested snowboarding is easier than skiing. I think I have listened to the wrong advice! I almost gave up on learning it even though two free lessons were provided. Managed to pull it off in the end and I actually did it without falling down. Woohoo! More pictures on Fall Creeks  2.3 =)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Saturday Night at Franco's Choo | Flicks and Feasts

DC suggested to have dinner on last Saturday night. It has been awhile since we eat out. Thanks to Menulog plus winter weather, we tend to go for delivery order instead of dining in a restaurant. So, we had a simple date night at Italian restaurant named Franco Choo's.

Franco Choo is little gem that we've discovered in Prahran, a few steps from Chapel Street into High Street. 

It feels really cozy here and we enjoy the informal dining. 

The menu is handwritten on a blackboard while a friendly staff would explain every dishes in detail. Though there is limited options, but i wouldn't mind at all because the food is delicious and worth a visit! Menu can be found in the their website

Starter with bread and lemon infused olive oil. Good crust and chewy. 

Her Primi (Entree) : Vialone Nano Rissotto with red apple, radicchio, walnuts and Gorgonzola. ($16)

In the end, I literally cleaned the plate with nothing left. It was so good. 

His Primi: Spaghetti All Bottarga, cured Sardinian mullet roe, pine nuts, sultanas, anchovy and pangrattato. ($17) 

Both entrees have good portions and pack with flavours. 

Our main Secondin (mains) : Slow cooked beef cheeks, borettane onion, celeriac puree and gremolata. ($30). 

The puree was dying for and so creamy. Beef cheek was cooked to the perfection. It was so soft and melted in the mouth. By the time we reached for second piece of beef cheek, we were struggled to finish it. Surprisingly, it's filling despite the portions don't look big. Just perfect! 

Her Dolci (dessert): Millefoglie, layered puff pastry, vanilla custard, rhubarb in vin brûlée, almonds. ($14) 

I can have this again and again. The custard was creamy and not too sweet. Puff pastry was no doubt crispy. 

His Dolci: Pistachio praline semifreddo, chocolate cake crumble and pear. ($14) 

I didn't managed to try this but DC really enjoyed this dessert. 

Choice of dishes were limited but every dish is deliberately well done and delicate. 
We managed to make a booking online for early bird offer: Three courses for $48 which I think it's affordable. Or two courses for $38. Condition applies on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 6pm and you have to leave by 7.45pm. 

Also, great place for vegetarian or gluten free as dishes can be made to suit.

"Indeed, we walked out with satisfaction." 
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Saw these 'angels' when we walked along chapel street. Haha they are quite funny. 

After the dinner, we headed to... 
Pop-up outdoor cinema at outdoor lane way of Prahran Market. 

Movie of that night: Spirited Away (2001) which has won multiple awards. 
I watched this movie before and I highly recommend it if you haven't watch it. 

"Flicks and Feasts"

Each day has different cuisine with few food trucks. Next Friday will be Bollywood and Saturday will be Italian - last week of Flicks and Feasts. The sound system is great and they offers plenty of chairs to enjoy the movie! Best of all, there is no entrance fee! Check out their website for more info about movie and stalls. 

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