Sunday, October 12, 2014

ShopHouse Kitchen @ QV

Whenever I pass by a cafe with a long queue, I will instantly put that on my to try list. It can't be bad if everyone is willing to line up for it! It has been a long time since I visited a Hong Kong cafe and I really missed the food when I traveled in Hong Kong. Hoping that Shop House Kitchen will be able to satisfy my cravings!

I really like the ambiance of the cafe. If you have been to Hong Kong style cafe, they tend to optimise the space with more tables and chairs. Keep in mind that you might need to share the tables with other customers.


Beef Brisket with Udon - $10.90
One of their specialty dishes. I really enjoyed it. The meat is tender and delicious. It is much better compared to China Bar as I have ordered the same dish there, however, I should have gone for noodles instead of udon though. I don't think the beef brisket goes well with udon. Oh well, it depends on individual preferences.


Pan-Fried Chicken and Shitake Mushroom Dumplings - 12 pcs - $9.50
Even though the dumpling has really good flavors, I find it is too salty for my liking. Nevertheless, it is not a bad dish overall. 


Soya + Tofu Pudding + Grass Jelly  ($4.50 and Soya Pudding with sugar syrup($5.00)
Even though they are on the recommendation list, I found both of them to be my least favourite. The tofu pudding has a really tough texture instead of a smooth texture. It feels like eating the raw tofu and it's not pleasant to eat when comes to sweet flavours. It will be a good idea to order something else.


I am hoping to have a hot bowl of smooth tofu pudding in a classic way. It is a disappointment dessert to me.


They do offer a lot of varieties in the menu and may return for a second visit.
But, I will definitely not order any drinks or dessert related to the tofu pudding!

Inside QV Square 
Shop 29, 210 Lonsdale St, 
Melbourne, VIC 3000. 

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