Friday, September 5, 2014

Mr Kitchen @ Swanston Street

Have anyone tried the chinese breakfast before? If not, maybe you should try it at Mr Kitchen which newly opened at Swanston Street. It features rice congee with pork and preserved egg or roast duck with ginger. I was really excited when I saw golden-brown deep fried dough at the entrance of the shop. We refers to "Youtiao" in mandarin or chinese doughnut. As a Malaysian, we often say "yao char kuey" in hokkien language. Rather than taste sweet as western doughnut, it is lightly salted. Asian normally would eat this for breakfast as an accompanient for rice congee or soy milk. However, some may not used to have this early in the morning especially it is deep fried. 

The chinese doughnut cost $2.50 which is affordable. It's crispy and authentic. If you order soy milk, it comes to $5 with the doughnut.  I also had Chinese pork and chive pie for takeaway. Considering $3.50 for a pie, it wasn't that bad and the filling is pretty good but it was too oily and not something that I like to eat in the morning. 

I would definitely try out their congee on next visit. I can't remember when was the last time I had congee with chinese doughnut and something that I've been missing it. 

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