Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gami @ Little Lonsdale Street

Have anyone tried korean fried chicken before? It taste so much better than KFC!

On last week, we went to have fried chicken at Gami located little lonsdale street x exhibition.
Let's be honest. I'm not a fan of their food. Maybe I have too much expectation on their food.

I had takeaway fried chicken on my first visit. It tasted average and not something that I would have again, but I decided to give them another chance.


Picked radish and prawn crackers. Seriously, I was so disappointed that prawn crackers served as side dish instead of kimchi, sweet potatoes or something else that is a traditional korean side dish.


Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake - The whole pancake only consists of two tiny pieces of octopus and one shrimp (not prawn). I would like to correct this as spring onion pancake instead of seafood.


The highlight of the dish - Korean Fried Chicken with soy garlic sauce and sweet chili sauce. It's crunchy but it lacks of flavour. Sweet chilli isn't sweet. I assume the sauce was just poured all over the chicken and served to us.

The fried chicken cost $32 and it's definitely overpriced. Chicken wings, drumstick and I also found chicken neck on the plate, I don't think the price is reasonable.

I think i might give them another chance, as my friend told me that although she doesn't like the fried chicken, she does enjoy the atmosphere. I won't be choosing the same dish, though.

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