Saturday, April 19, 2014

Proud Mary

Happy Easter!

How's your holiday been? Mine has been really good so far. I'm really glad that this holiday came at the right time. I do need some time for myself and away from work. Of course, being a foodie, I can't miss out on the chance to tick off my list to try for brunch!

This time, I have checked in "The Proud Mary".


To find a nice cafe in Melbourne, I'm no longer surprised when I found out that Proud Mary is actually built in an old factory. Though without the name being shown, I do recognise the symbol of Proud Mary. Alternatively, this is the only cafe I could find in Oxford Street as there wasn't any other shops around. This has to be the one that I'm looking for. If you are taking public transport, take tram 86 and stop at 18. Less than 5 minute walking distance to reach the destination. 


I think we got lucky to wait less than 40 minutes! When they keep calling the names on the wait list, some of them probably decided to give up on waiting and left. I was like, yes please keep going on till my name being called for next. Surprisingly, we waited less than 20 minutes. Please allow yourself to wait more than half hour if you come around lunch hour


Latte and Cappucino. The coffees were really good. How could I skip ordering coffee in Proud Mary? IMPOSSIBLE!


Pulled Pork Tacos- $16. 
The salad at the side- mint, spring onions, coriander and crispy onion slaw are refreshing and such a great start before getting my hands on tacos. The tacos were delicious. Good portion of meat with chimmi churri, pork crackling to add the crispness, and salad to balance out the flavours.


Don't be fooled by only three tacos on the plate. I would have felt full after having this whole plate by myself.

IMG_2822 IMG_2815

Duck and Figs - $18.50 

Pulled confit duck leg and fresh figs are the things that I never had before. But, I enjoyed this dish a lot! I love every ingredients on this plate. It's like each has own details and attention to be given.
Organic sourdough toast with sesame, spiced walnuts (I would finish it off if I have a packet of walnuts on my hand right now), fresh figs, gippsland blue cheese, beetroot, cres and crispy onion slaw. The confit duck leg was cooked beautifully.

Overall, everything is so well balanced, fresh and full of flavours.

IMG_2816 IMG_2821 IMG_2823 IMG_2825

However, I was looking forward to try out their pork belly. My friend has been highly recommended this dish to me. It seems like pork belly is no longer on their menu list. Ahh, I was too late for it !

Anyway, glad that I waited and i think the food is totally worth the wait! We weren't able to try out their breakfast menu, and guess what?! I would like to come back and try out their breakfast on next time!
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