Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hopetoun Tea Rooms


Whenever I walk past block arcade at collins street, I tend to see a long queue of people waiting for their seat to dine in Hopetoun Tea Rooms. This gave me impression of  this must be good. Sorry, I should warn myself don't came with high expectation. End up, quite a disappointment. 


The decorations was gorgeous and colorful. Whoever walk past this, they will stop in a second and take a photo. The more I look at these desserts, the more I'm looking forward for my turn to try it out.

IMG_2837 IMG_2840

We have waited for more than half an hour for two seats.



Tea selections
We have ordered Snow White (Apple, White Tea and Pai Mu Dan) and Ruby Sipper (Blood Orange & Hibiscus flower fruit blend). Snow white has more light flavour and i think it's really nice while having a dessert. I would consider buying the packet of this tea but I wasn't sure how much it cost though.

IMG_2836 IMG_2848

Easter special : Warm Chocolate Pudding - $15 plus surcharge.

I'm not liking how the pudding taste. The texture isn't moist enough. It reminded me of cookies. It does have nutty crunchy on it but it's not the pudding that I'm expecting.
I'm also having a doubt on the ice cream serve with crush pistachio. I wish they have homemade vanilla ice cream on the plate. The white chocolate garnish is edible but the taste is a bit off. 



Guava and Pear Mousse - $10 plus surcharge. 

Forget about the cream and white chocolate garnish. Little slice of kiwi and lemon - are they supposed to be eaten with the skin? I'm confused. Combination of guave and pear are refreshing. But I do feel it's more to jelly texture instead of creamy. The base was too hard. I was struggling to get through it. We tried and gave up on it.

I was a bit shocked when we got the bill. The price doesn't reflect what they have listed on the menu. After browsing their website, I just realized that there is a surcharge of 10% applies on weekends and 15% public holidays. This is the first time ever I came across of surcharge applies on weekend/public holidays for dining. Hence, this is probably explained why the warm pudding cost us $17.50 and a pot of tea cost around $8.

I'm not complaining about the wait,. But overall, we spent $42 for two pots of tea and two cakes. It is overpriced!  I wasn't sure whether we just got bad luck in choosing the right cakes.

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