Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ganache Chocolate @ Collins St

When come to winter, I always crave for hot chocolate. Speaking of it, I think Ganache has one of the best hot chocolate when it comes to thick texture and flavours. 

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Might consider to try out one of them for next visit.

Speciality Hot Chocolates - $6.00 
All made with a 60% dark couverture 

Friend of mine who are quite picky when comes to hot chocolate. When I introduced this to her, she reacted :  "Wow, FINALLY I'VE FOUND THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE IN THE CITY! "

Instead of getting the standard flavour, there is wide range of option you can choose : Classic, Cinnamon, Chilli, Mint, Orange Cointreau, Winter Spice and Hazelnut. Hm, I was thinking I might have to try Chili or Winter Spice. Don't you curious how the taste gotta be?


Both patisserie were sooooo irresistible !

Brownie Mousse Slice - $7.90
Rich dark chocolate mousse with a layer of anglais on dark chocolate sponge 


Triple Mousse - $7.90 
3 classic chocolate mousse flavours on a flourless sponge base 

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  It's very sinful yet addictive to crave for. 


Ganache Chocolate Lounge 
245 Collins St, Melbourne 3000.                       or                 250 Toorak Rd, South Yarra, 3141.
Phone: 03 9650 8388                                                                  Phone: 03 9804 7485
Email: enquiries@ganache.com.au

Trading Hours :           
Monday - Thursday (8am - 8pm)                                           Monday - Thursday (9am -8pm)  
Friday (8am - 10pm)                                                                    Friday (9am - 10pm)
Saturday (9am - 10pm)                                                               Saturday (9am - 10pm)
Sunday (9am - 6pm)                                                                     Sunday (10am - 8pm)

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