Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Overland from Melbourne to Adelaide

It is really rare that I updated live in my blog. But since I've paid $24 for all day internet, I should fully use the internet usage and make sure it's worth it.

Yes, interstate travel by train has ticked off one of my list to do in Australia.
The trip was alright. I have spent 10 hours for the train ride from Melbourne to Adelaide. To be honest, it's not that interesting. I could have reached in Adelaide within an hour by taking flight from Melbourne. Scenery is just fine, all I see is desert, sheep, cows, horse, and trees. Except there was an old man been rambling for

At least, I experienced it.
Once is enough.

Maybe driving to Adelaide will be more interesting than taking a train.
We will see if I got chance to do so! 

 photo IMG_0906_zps17199d58.jpg

Departed from Southern Cross Station. Almost one stop for every hour.

If it wasn't long ride, I would really enjoyed taking this train. The spaces between the seat is wide and comfortable. The good thing is we are also allowed to bring foods and drinks. If you would like save the hassle of bringing food along, you can buy
   photo IMG_0909_zpsf8f2913e-1.jpg  photo IMG_0917_zpse8993f3c.jpg  photo IMG_0945_zpse44124f2-1.jpg  photo IMG_0930_zps4d303427.jpg

 photo IMG_0947_zps908d8351-1.jpg photo IMG_0942_zpsb7016104.jpg photo IMG_0946_zps871b5c5c-1.jpg   photo IMG_0941_zpsac940834-1.jpg  photo IMG_0960_zps55dc3961-1.jpg

It was heartwarming to see that the passengers were finally reunited with their families who have been waiting in the terminal.

Hugs, Smiles, Talking and Laughter..
Overall, after spending 10 hours on the train, now it seems more tolerable.
   photo IMG_0961_zpsa733f98c-1.jpg

This trip was totally unplanned. I have no idea where to eat and where to visit tomorrow.
It is my first visit. Hopefully it will be nice exploring day tomorrow. 

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