Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2013 Pt 2.

The final part of Melbourne Zombie Shuffle photos!

I don't think I could talk much about this event. All I thought was those people dressed up as zombies are mad awesome ! I imagined that they spent a lot of effort and time in dressing up. Let's just skip to the photos instead of me trying to mumble as much words as I can. (which I failed) 

 photo IMG_2447_zps805868c4.jpg 

   photo IMG_2442_zpse53b22e7.jpg  photo IMG_2446_zpsd05353c6.jpg  photo IMG_2457_zpsba7b8dd3.jpg  photo IMG_2461_zps17d01880.jpg  photo IMG_2460_zpsc5fcef24.jpg  photo IMG_2465_zpsfad59dcf.jpg  photo IMG_2472-tile_zps7a3c6c8e.jpg  photo IMG_2476_zps61edb672.jpg  photo IMG_2474_zpsc66bb65d.jpg  photo IMG_2459_zpsc0cc85fe.jpg  photo IMG_2438-tile_zps693fc8e7.jpg  photo IMG_2439-tile_zps2e459d19.jpg  photo IMG_2379_zps8f4148c9.jpg  photo IMG_2356-tile_zps5e159f3c.jpg  photo IMG_2401-tile_zps9b51b5cb.jpg  photo IMG_2469-tile_zpsf395acf8.jpg

 photo IMG_2429_zpseaa84128.jpg  photo IMG_2440-tile_zps4b411e02.jpg  photo IMG_2426_zps9355e1fe.jpg  photo IMG_2425_zpsf4e07f26.jpg  photo IMG_2404-tile_zps22dfeba9.jpg  photo IMG_2410_zpsb67051bd.jpg
 photo IMG_2470_zps58bb3ee5.jpg

While taking photo of the zombies, this particular zombie with half destroyed helmet was chasing towards me and I tried to run away if possible. I'd probably scream out loud if I wasn't aware of him. Seriously, he is one of the best zombies that impressed me. He just looks so freaking scary!

 photo IMG_2408_zps4d8dcf4d.jpg

Brains, anyone? 

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