Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogger Bingo @ The Cullen Hotel

You are invited join us for Nuffnang’s first ever Blogger Bingo night!
And we’re not talking about your grandmother’s bingo night. Together with the Art Series Hotels, we’re bringing the bingo experience to a whole new level on Tuesday the 26th of November at The Cullen Hotel. There will be awesome prizes up for grabs, crazy bingo lingo, and delicious finger food. Not to mention, it’ll be a great chance to meet and mingle with other bloggers, including the lovely MC for the evening: Candice DeVille of Super Kawaii Mama. Winning!

I wasn't aware of this event till Valissa - the organiser of Blogger Bingo emailed me about what's happening on 26th of November. I mean how could possibly say no to this event especially when comes to bingo? It is one of my favourite games though I never had the chance to win the games before.

 photo IMG_0328_zps31ba04bc.jpg

Finished my work at 5pm and headed to the Cullen Hotel by taking tram 72. It is located at Prahran and easily accessible to public transport. Less than 30 minutes, I could just reach the destination! I used to pass by this building whenever I took route 72 to city. At first, I thought that this is an apartment instead of hotel !

   photo IMG_0315_zps468633e4.jpg  photo IMG_0316_zps9631c77e.jpg  photo IMG_0317_zps4a760064.jpg  photo IMG_0326_zps6eb7bf57.jpg  photo IMG_0329_zps8c9c8d0b.jpg  photo IMG_0325_zps5395cd20.jpg  photo IMG_0318_zpsf30b1807.jpg

On my way to the top floor, I met one of the bloggers - Curves to Kill. She looks stunning!  But at the same time, it hits me that I'm totally under dressed for blogger bingo event! Oh noooo.......  

   photo IMG_0335_zps3b9f3592.jpg

Forget about being under dressed. Lets focus the view on the balcony. It was such a great weather in Melbourne on that day!

   photo IMG_0339_zpsf2339fd0.jpg
 photo IMG_0334_zps82d573e9.jpg

 Relaxation drinks by Everyday Sunday.

 photo IMG_0346_zpsdb81bde0.jpg

 Finger food of the night. I didn't had much food. I guess I'm too concentrate on the games instead of filling up my stomach. End up, I back home and had supper. 

   photo IMG_0337_zpsb3220bf9.jpg  photo IMG_0343_zps806e71cb.jpg

Goodies bag for all the attendees. Yes!

 photo IMG_0342_zpsd8048d94.jpg 

Lets play BINGO!

   photo IMG_0355_zps8b7f173c.jpg  photo IMG_0348_zpse1e77a27.jpg

The Skull Candy sponsored by the Red Ballon. Question:  How can I break it into the pieces?

   photo IMG_0357_zpsec9ac6d7.jpg

Number 69! Candice DeVille of Super Kawaii Mama was the MC for the event and she is fabulous. The bingo game isn't what we normally experience. In fact, we tends to have bingo number - calling nicknames. Number Eleven.... chicken legs.

My heart was bumping fast and silently hoping that I could have the chance to shout out "bingo" ! 

 photo IMG_0360_zps223cc2c5.jpg  photo IMG_0362_zpsb0a33fc0.jpg

Isn't the view is amazing? I couldn't take my eyes off and keep taking photos on the top floor of The Cullen Hotel.

For this special event, Nuffnang has teamed up with Uber. The app that connects you to your nearest luxury chauffer-driven car. Uber is offering Nuffnang Blogger Bingo attendees a discounted ride up to $40. Seriously, I saved loads of traveling time when it's the time going back home with Uber. 

The last three rounds of the bingo, I did won something! This is just gotta be my first time got lucky to win prizes! This is thr perfect prize to celebrate DC's upcoming birthday. I have been scratching my head and wondering what to do for his birthday celebration. This has came on the right time !

Thank you Nuffnang and Arts Series Hotel team members who organized Blogger Bingo Event !! Nothing I can ask for more by spending my night - fun bingo, amazing scenery and free ride back home with goodies bag and prizes. It was just a wonderful night to me. 

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