Sunday, November 10, 2013

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2013 Pt 1

 12 October 2013

"Melbourne's biggest annual gathering of the undead. What do we want? BRAINS!When do we want it? BRAINS! "

Early morning, we went to Fitzroy Garden before catching up with friend at Chadstone for a movie. My title of the post has made it clear. Unfortunately, we ain't participating in Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. We just being a normal person who curious to have a look instead of acting as a zombie. When we reached there, surprisingly there are more photographers than people who dressed up.

 photo IMG_2341_zpsc4e6b831.jpg   photo IMG_2347_zpsce97868c.jpg  photo IMG_2344_zps8f5189ce.jpg  photo IMG_2351_zps92bde44e.jpg  photo IMG_2374-tile_zps0013e5e2.jpg

Let's start with not-so-extreme yet zombies. 

  photo IMG_2378_zpsafd3ee12.jpg
   I wonder where she bought that head !

   photo IMG_2382_zpse1783bf8.jpg  photo IMG_2391-tile_zps74b1d143.jpg

   photo IMG_2422_zps8932dcf6.jpg
  There are more photos coming up that zombies are eating brains/hand/finger #@%$#$%#@

   photo IMG_2424_zps245f2266.jpg
 The junior zombies? They are pretty scary. 
   photo IMG_2423_zpsc83b0022.jpg  photo IMG_2441-tile_zps118050ad.jpg  photo IMG_2389_zps64e9b3ba.jpg  photo IMG_23832_zpsd9104e6a.jpg  photo IMG_2436_zps846c3b8a.jpg
 photo IMG_2437_zpscac19db3.jpg

There are more photos coming up and I will be posting all of them into three parts within this week. Fingers crossed ! More scarier zombies too! 

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