Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fat Beans Cafe @ Jam Factory, South Yarra

Hi All !!!

I really missed blogging here. Today is Melbourne cup day and my first time ever had day off for this pubic holiday. What I usually did for the past few years at this time was having uni exams. Today, all I did was slept for 9 hours and had nap for another 3 hours after brunch. Right now, I'm waiting for pizza delivery. HUN-GRY.. ...

On last Sunday, finally I had the chance to catch up with friends. There was a group of 10 have lunch at Fat Beans Cafe. I thought it gonna be easy to spot the cafe especially when it's located inside the Jam Factory. Unexpectedly, we spent about 10 minutes to look for it till I noticed the cafe's board and Fat Beans was written there. It was right in front of us. Avoid searching the name of the cafe, Fat Beans just located opposite the cinema in Jam Factory. 

 photo 1385841_10151749273206818_1406638892_n_zpsbf646ef0.jpg

The Big Breakfast

   photo 20131103_134150_zpsb86da80b.jpg

 Scrambled eggs with Mushroom- $16.50
 Small portion and slightly overpriced to me.

  photo 20131103_135028_zpsd9a4c953.jpg

What the Duck - Risotto. $19.50

This is what I have ordered. It was fulfilling and the taste was average. Cheesy but the duck seems not the main point for the whole dish. Lack of duck meat flavours on it.

  photo 20131103_132627_zps75a15358.jpg

Iced Chai - paid extra 2 dollars for it. I was hoping that my chai could taste stronger though.

   photo 20131103_134632_zps57f5c64d.jpg  photo 20131103_134303_zpsaa773452.jpg

 Corn and Pumpkin Fritter with poached eggs

I wasn't sure what others think of their meals. We bought vouchers from Groupon and managed to have a drink + meal for $11. Normally, I would have low expectations towards the quality of the meal when I visit restaurant with a voucher. The fact is I'm glad that Fat Beans cafe did not let me down and we enjoyed our time being there.

Somehow, if I'm going to pay full price for a meal, I unlikely going to visit Fat Beans again. The price range is $15 - $20 and the menu isn't interesting for me.

Guess what?! Ding Dong~! My pizza has arrived..
Alright, I shall off now. Not too long till weekend again !

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