Thursday, September 19, 2013

What was happened

Before stepping away month of September, please allow me update what has been going on with me on previous months!

Month of August has been really awful to me. Phase of searching/applying a job and less working hours given which led me almost ran out of money in bank account. I had not too stress about it but till someday.. I was fined by a ticket inspector. I wasn't avoiding not to pay the transport fee. I was just being naive of imaging that I could validate my myki at the train station, why do I still need to validate it on the tram? So I thought it will be okay without validate the card when I was on the tram AND I have totally forgotten about it too. How lucky of me being first time ever received a fine especially when I had budget constraint.

Few days later, I received an urgent call from my mum who asking me to come back home. Due to my grandma's illness and she was in critical condition, I was advised to go back home as soon as possible. Booked the flight and flew on next morning. Before heading to airport on next morning, I received a call from my housemate as she found out that I will be leaving soon. Guess what? She was informing me that I have to move out by end of august. She was no longer interested to rent the whole house anymore  and planning to return China for good. I was doomed by that time. I couldn't be bother to face this issue at that moment. All I have to focus on heading back to KL and visit my grandma.

I was glad that I managed to see my grandma for the last time before she passed away on day four. Funeral service held for three days and the hardest moment was the last day of sending her away. May she rest in peace.

Back to Melbourne after two weeks in KL. Booked 5 appointments for room inspection on next day *thanks to gumtree*. Can't deny I started feeling so stress about I might not able to move out by end of the week and I have no where to stay! For the last room inspection at 7pm, I knew that I had to take this room! The fact that I so sick of inspecting rooms and this is the best I could found within my budget.

You never know what's happened next. 

The lady that I'm currently staying with, she introduced me to a doctor and I've finally got the job offer! At that point, I was like wow.. everything happened for a reason ! It might just meant to be that way.

What happened on last month - It was just a challenge that I need to face it after I have finished my study. No matter what's going to happen next, I believe that it just takes time to work on it and everything gonna be alright.

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