Sunday, September 8, 2013

The High Tea Session

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Probably my first time posted such a close self-shot.
Taken while waiting for my friends were queue-ing to pay for the items at Lululemon Warehouse Sale. 

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We had long discussion in arranging each other time schedule in order to book a high tea session at Moo Moo Cafe. We purchased the voucher from Livingsocial (if I'm not mistaken). The cons of buying a voucher is you have to make a booking in advance one/two weeks and limited booking days option available. Anyway, we spent $14.50 per person instead of $29. I would say it's pretty worth it despite the food wasn't that impressive to me. Especially, this was my first time having high tea session with my girls. Yet, I still don't get it why people would spend like hundred dollar for it.

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Scones, Sandwiches, Pie were tasted ordinary. The slice of orange coated with chocolate wasn't edible, it wasn't chewy nor crunchy. Maybe rocky road taste the best for me compare other pastries in the menu? Macarons were crunchy instead of chewy. My friend weren't liking it and barely finish the one small piece of it! Not to forget mentioning the tea, it was just alright? ordinary? Nothing much I can tell.  (you know what I mean). I think the atmosphere is what we enjoyed the most - quiet and relaxing.

Girls session - we can't missed out the photo-taking session! This may the last time we hanged out together as a group of four in Melbourne. Andrina is going back to Singapore for good and not too long, Kelly is going back to Taiwan for good as well ! I'm gonna miss them lots.

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Apparently, we tried on the purple hat from Kelly and snapped a photo with it. Wondering, who suits the best by wearing that hat? 

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