Saturday, September 21, 2013

The harsh promotion

I still couldn't get away what happened today when I went to the gym to enquire membership fee. I have mentioned this in my twitter.

The only information I would like to have is how much it cost to join the gym for months. The lady gave me a form to fill in my personal details and showed me around the gym facilities that they provided. Then we were back to the seat and she started to explain the membership fee to me. Yup, she offered very affordable price and nothing wrong with it. It just that I need time to consider about it .

Her first reaction was WHAT?! This is the best offer and you rejected it. Nah She didn't said that, she asked why instead. I tried to explain like I am having budget constraint at the moment. Anyway, the only intention I came to this gym for the sake of checking out the prices! So she thought that maybe she could discuss this issue with her boss and check whether she could offer another deal according to my "special" circumstances.

So the boss offered another deal to me and I rejected again by saying I NEED TIME TO THINK about it. Suddenly the boss came out and saw us were in discussion. He was trying to explain what was wrong with the deal. At that time, I was feeling so uncomfortable and tempted to get away this situation. Both of them were staring at me and non-stop promoting or asking me why not signing up the gym by TODAY! I tried to tell him that I won't be signing up until I made a decision and he just said :  Are you signing up tomorrow? *didn't he sounds pushy to you?*


After few minutes of struggling to convince me to sign up today, they gave up and will be calling me on Monday. Pheww! I'd make sure that I won't be answering the phone call. Gosh, sometimes they just promote it too harshly and I would never ever want to go back again. They were gone way too far to sell the product and it annoyed me a lots.

Have anyone of you encountered anything like that before?

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