Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lululemon Atheletica - Melbourne Warehouse Sales 2013 !

If anyone is interested in buying comfortable and nice workout clothing, you'd probably heard of this brand - Lulelemon ! Now they are having warehouse sales at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. It will be held from 5th September till 8th September.

 photo IMG_1844_zps8eb9e679.jpg

Thanks to my friend, I had never heard of this brand till she introduced it to me. Apparently, she mentioned that wearing pretty gym outfit will motivate her to work out even more! She always check out this brand whenever they are having discounts in the store. How could possible that she will missed this out?!

 photo IMG_1847_zps119c77b8.jpg
 photo IMG_1842_zpsd9d5d2d1.jpg

At the moment, I'm not too keen in buying any workout outfits yet. Instead of shopping in the warehouse, I spent my time to enjoy free cup of skinny latte and massage. Yup, it's all free! Just chillax...

 photo 20130906_123221_zps23dc11f0.jpg

 photo 20130906_123445_zps4cf5ad27.jpg

 photo 20130906_123230_zps7bec9b70.jpg  

I would advise that if you are heading to this warehouse sales, better go there in early time. The queue was getting longer in later hours. Oh, make sure you don't missed out the photobooth too!  They were really nice to giving out each printed photo to us as well.

 photo 9632pip_9632_0083_zps0c69de57.jpg

 I was trying to act funny but FAILED.
   photo 20130906_122950_zpsf454056c.jpg  photo 20130906_130818_zpsa46476b9.jpg 

 I love how they organized some activities to engage with the customers instead of just selling the products. From this upper photo, they were doing cross-fit with hundred of people!

 photo 20130906_125414_zps2080912d.jpg

Despite I didn't buy anything from there, but I had good time. Hope you guys too =) Have a good weekend. 

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