Monday, September 23, 2013

Gllow Cafe @ Malvern

On last Saturday (21st September), I was supposed going to Royal Melbourne Show with DC. We were starving and decided to try out the new taiwanese cafe - Gllow before taking train at Malvern Station. They just opened on last week. This cafe located opposite the train station, within 30 seconds walk. That's what we are looking for ! By the way, it gotta be my first time trying Taiwanese food in Melbourne.

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 I am impressed the fact they are serving nice glasses of water instead of cheap plastic one! 

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Spring Onion Pancake - $5.00 
It was so crispy but missing some flavours on it. 

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Let's start eating !!! 

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XXL Crispy Chicken Chop - $13.50
Once they served this bento, both of us were like WOW, THIS IS HUGE ! No wonder it's being called EXTRA EXTRA Large. Indeed yes! The size of the chicken chop was like size of  DC's hand. We should have shared this bento together instead of ordering another one! We couldn't finished it and decided to take away the left over which is half of the chicken chop. I would say that the chicken chop is marinated quite well, very crispy and it is boneless!

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Popcorn Chicken - $12.50
I ordered this. Basically, it's the same thing as crispy chicken chop. If you are planning to have the bento by yourself and also lazy to cut the chicken chop into pieces, this is probably the option that you want to go for. The side dishes were alright except the boiled egg. I wasn't sure whether it's a normal boiled egg or tea egg. But it didn't taste that good to me and I don't like it tasted cold.

Overall, the bento is totally worth the price!

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I didn't managed to try out their bubble tea. But that's okay, I will definitely come back on next time especially it's really near to my place. In addition, they also serving coffee too! Unfortunately, we were unable go to Royal Melbourne show as DC was feeling dizzy when we were on the train. We hanged out in the city instead. Oh well, at least we have discovered a new asian cafe to dine in on next time!

Update - 24/09/2013

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Matcha Milk Tea $5.00 + Pearls Topping $0.50

The Milk Tea itself taste fragrance. But I personally think that $5.50 for one small cup of milk tea is a bit pricey and I believe that i could get an affordable one in somewhere else.

29 Station Street, Malvern
Phone Number: 039500 9995

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