Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No, Not Yet : 1000 steps at Mt Dandenong

Hello 1st of July is here! How have everyone been doing?

I just finished my exam on 19th June and I have been so slacking for past weeks. I was so demotivated to do anything but all I did was being a coach potato. Now, it hits me that I shall be back on track instead of lazing around and wasting time anymore !!!

This was taken on 26th January 2013. It was my first time for hiking the 1000 steps.
Unfortunately, we did not managed to reach top of the mountain as we came with a large group of people and this was just a "trial" or testing our fitness. I'm pretty sure I will come back soon!

 photo IMG_0418_zpscdeb95c5.jpg

 photo IMG_0416_zpsa24712e7.jpg  photo IMG_0397_zps70468be2.jpg

 photo IMG_0398_zpsdc36849f.jpg  photo IMG_0393_zps5269609d.jpg  photo IMG_0394_zpse8caab1a.jpg

 photo IMG_0399_zpsa080ebb4.jpg  photo IMG_0403_zpscf491cfc.jpg  photo IMG_0410_zpsa4e36fb2.jpg  photo IMG_0408_zps41386629.jpg  photo IMG_0401_zpsa1a108e9.jpg  photo IMG_0404_zpsd3709c53.jpg  photo IMG_0405_zps76b411d3.jpg

 photo IMG_0414_zps63d05aba.jpg  photo IMG_0409_zps3796364f.jpg

Too afraid that I might slipped over.
I was walking step by step instead of running like Yenga.
Perhaps I need a new pair of shoes?

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