Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2013

 " In 2013, the Gertrude Street Projection Festival celebrates its sixth year of staging inner Melbourne's most visible and free large scale arts festival. Stroll through the illuminated outdoor gallery as buildings and landmarks come alive with art and the visions of talented video and multimedia projection artists. "

Projection 19 - 28th July 2013
EACH NIGHT 6pm - Midnight. FREE event. 

 photo IMG_1281_zps08078ae4.jpg

 photo IMG_1252_zpsfb0858be.jpg  photo IMG_1255_zps4a37d0c2.jpg  photo IMG_1267_zps506fc685.jpg  photo IMG_1268_zpsf499c85f.jpg  photo IMG_1278_zps11e74858.jpg  photo IMG_1317_zps7497e929.jpg  photo IMG_1274_zps47447af2.jpg  photo IMG_1288_zps1a4dfdab.jpg  photo IMG_1256_zps2fd2db38.jpg  photo IMG_1271_zps9506b4d5.jpg  photo IMG_1319_zps9f33c0b2.jpg  photo IMG_1335_zps7fc361d8.jpg  photo IMG_1308_zps263620c6.jpg  photo IMG_1277_zps9fdbe61e.jpg  photo IMG_1271_zps9506b4d5.jpg  photo IMG_1301_zps085d8f98.jpg  photo IMG_1295_zps2deb7a9e.jpg  photo IMG_1296_zps9193ee05.jpg  photo IMG_1290_zpsa826abd6.jpg  photo IMG_1276_zps56307037.jpg  photo IMG_1292_zpsb90c9a9e.jpg

 photo IMG_1305_zpse95bb93e.jpg  photo IMG_1311_zps8b8be27b.jpg  photo IMG_1314_zps95af5b9c.jpg  photo IMG_1307_zps62badb19.jpg  photo IMG_1334_zps4006cee2.jpg  photo IMG_1322_zps2f908a43.jpg  photo All_zps66128837.jpg

This is one of my favourite projections throughout the whole night. 
 photo grahics_zps3fa62081.jpg

Thinking ahead that I won't be free on this weekend, I invited DC to have a look to this festival at Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. This scale of event wasn't large compared to White Night (which I should start editing the photos and post it here), but still, I enjoyed looking something different compare the normal days of walking. Instead of passing through the street with plain boring walls and ignoring what are surrounding with us, this time around we was walking slowly along the street and observing what else this festival was offering us to see. There were total 37 sites to see but I think we probably missed out few of them as we were not too keen to check all of the art. By the way, thanks for the free popcorns! Something that I wasn't expecting but it did warm me up for this cold night.


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