Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Insta Weekend #5

My weekend was great. Delicious food, great accompany and awesome movies.

We watched two movies in two nights. I really enjoyed how's the story line goes and it keeps me guessing what's going to happen next!  Had a good laugh with the crazy things they did especially the Hang Over Part II. 

On Friday, baked the chicken with dijon mustard, red wine and maple syrup. It taste good without marinade it ! Covered the chicken with sauce and baked in the oven. Bam, that's easy! Surprisingly, all the flavours immersed into the chicken breast. If you are lazy and looking for simple recipe, definitely must give this a try.

 photo 20130517_210916_zps93a62875.jpg

Here's the link for the recipe. I used two chicken breast instead of four with the same amount of sauce. No one would complain if sauce is too much!

 photo c3fe8a32bc8a11e2a6df22000aaa21db_7_zpsbe617306.jpg

I also been addicted making salad especially the avocado pesto. EASY! Firstly,  roast the broccoli and garlics. Combine roasted broccoli, roasted garlics, avocado and parmesan cheese, olive oil and process it! The pesto could just add on to any salads or even wraps! Recipe adapted from 

Not long ago, I urged to buy a food processor. Oh yes, I bought it with $20 at Target and lucky me, the instruction book was missing and they offered $5 as a discount Definitely worth it presumably I have been using it for number of times.

 photo 81e9f29cbd0911e2bfa222000ae904e2_7_zpsa9bdfc11.jpg

DC was liking the avocado pesto and I made it again for another night. We had tuna wraps for dinner. Not to mention, a night is incomplete without dessert. Especially freezing night in Melbourne in these days, we couldn't bother to go out and suffering from cold ! As I remember DC likes eating black glutinous rice at Dessert Story, so I tried to make it. Need longer time to boil it till really soft and constantly watching it too. Quite a hassle and you need AT LEAST one hour to boil it. Nevertheless  it turned pretty good and I added really a lot of pandan leaves! I couldn't believe that Asian store does sell pandan leaves. Make sure you use Gula Melaka instead of normal sugar or caster sugar.

 photo a2043774c04011e2ab6522000a9f4d9e_7_zpsf25044c4.jpg

Serve with warm coconut milk and fruits like mango (optional). I was thinking lychees might be a good option too.

Thanks to Pin Interest, I'm addicted to find inspiration for cooking when I am just clueless what to eat.


  1. Those food making me feel hungry!

    1. Heh, glad my photo looks appetising ! =)