Sunday, May 19, 2013

22nd Birthday @ Monarch Cake Shop


My 23rd birthday is going to be on next month and before that, I think it's better off to post about 22nd birthday before it's too late. Heh! 
After having dinner at Veludo restaurant (click to view the post), they suggested let's have dessert at Monarch Cake shop as it seems one of the famous cake shops in St Kilda. 

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Famous Chocolate Kugelhoupf
Hands down. Must order this on next time. 

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How could we not ordering the 100 year old polish cheesecake?
Yup, that's my birthday cake and guess what, much better than having unworthy big round cake.

The reason why I have been delaying this post because of the video! Since my brother recorded some clips during the the trip, I was thinking why not just compile it and post a short video here. Initially, I saved the file up to almost 500mb. When I try to upload it in youtube, damn, has to spend like 170 minutes for 1 minute video ! Therefore, it should be fine for the low-quality video as I'm more likely experiencing how to edit the video. =)  

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  1. Oh goodness! All of that dessert looks absolutely scrumptious!
    And happy early 23rd birthday! :)
    xo TJ

    1. Awww, Thank you! That's gotta be my first birthday wishes! =)