Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show #1

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Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) 2013 was just happened on last week for four days consecutively. 


Finally, I have the motivation to edit the photo taken when I attended this festival on LAST YEAR, 2012. 

I was too fascinated about the flowers, the colours, the smell, and guess what I took more than 300 hundred photos on that day itself! So, I have to split into two posts instead of combining into one. The entrance fee cost $25 (adult price), Concession $19 for students, but for me, it was worth it especially for the first time visitor. The scale of this event was really huge considering it was held in Carlton Garden and The Royal Exhibition building. After 18 years, it still remains the biggest annual flower and garden show in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Credit: MFS website

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Devil vs Angels ?

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This kind of "head vases" in the garden is horrible scary. I'm pretty sure if I have this in my garden, I will freak out whenever I see it especially at night ! 

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To be honest, I kinda afraid of these two little thingy too. 

 photo Capsium_zps09d20b7a.jpg

Isn't the capsicum looks colourful too? Basically, anything that you need for garden - equipment, seed, and etc, you will find it in MIFGS.

 photo Smellit_zpsf01b2f90.jpg

Dozen of roses name which I couldn't even remember!
Of course, the smells are......sweet fragrance. I can't help myself not to sniff every roses that I passed by, 

 photo P4010540-tile_zps3082bd43.jpg
 photo P4010481_zpsf081e8fe.jpg
 photo P4010463_zpsd0fd287b.jpg  photo P4010535_zps494a3968.jpg  photo Woods_zps5720a8bd.jpg  photo P4010449_zps887b55ee.jpg  photo scul_zps61ddadef.jpg  photo P4010558_zps41278e1a.jpg  photo P4010549_zps6263fc62.jpg  photo Roses_zps1c6c74f5.jpg

The colours are so vibrant and pretty.

 photo P4010612_zps81317580.jpg

I reckon these looks pretty cool.

 photo page_zps48b8d40b.jpg

It's interesting to know roses could named as Mother's Love and not to forget Father's love.
Mother's Love is named to supports the Nursing Mother's Association of Australia, it says as beautiful and as pure as a mother's love. 

 photo P4010503-tile_zpsddb658da.jpg  photo P4010498_zps508b4b4d.jpg
 photo P4010475_zpseb9a62f5.jpg  photo Different_zps10d7be29.jpg  photo P4010657_zps29e0ff4b.jpg
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Make sure check out the upcoming post more about flower show in Royal Exhibition Building! 

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