Monday, April 1, 2013

Colette Hayman Accessories Haul

Last week, I got an email from Colette Hayman regarding the 50% Off ALL jewellery in all their retail stores, including online shop too! The Easter sales gonna end by midnight today! 

Went to Chadstone for twice within four days. Oh please, I only spent an hour to shop on last Thursday and we decided to shop again on Sunday. The only time I will buy accessories when there is discount offer instead of full price and my budget have to be under $10 for each jewellery. =)

   photo 20130330_170051_zps14a1a582.jpg

Screw Ring ($3.95) - $1.98

 photo 20130401_125909_zpsd323ffc3.jpg

Kareena Flower Cluster ($16.95) - $8.48
Bought this as a gift for my friend. 

 photo 20130330_165958_zps22041968.jpg

Trend Gold Pearl Ball & Dia Stretch ($7.95) - $3.98  

 photo 20130401_130326_zps74a5a711.jpg

Ruby Multi Ball ring ($7.95) - $3.98 

 photo 20130401_130716_zps458de74c.jpg

Lines ring ($5.95) - $2.98 

 photo 20130401_130102_zps6c81867b.jpg

Psychic Necklace ($12.95) - $6.48

 photo 20130401_130140_zps87d1bf7b.jpg

Instantly fell in love with this design once I saw this.

Anyway, time to catch up my studies now and I will be looking forward to watch My Kitchen Rule tonight!

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