Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day Out

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Last Saturday, managed to grab a place to join the Magical Mystery Tour with another 10 students. We were clueless about where are we going to explore the city. First stop was the Boathouse. Totally unexpected activity to do and I feel so hyper to try it out. Hey, that was my first time to row a boat ! We were struggling it at first but end up, it turned out pretty well. Surprisingly, I think I'm pretty good at rowing the boat. ^_^

Last stop was visiting Rippon Lea located at St Kilda. How funny that Nigel was continuously teasing about the house where we are not allowed to take photo in flash light, no touching the house except the staircase, non of the water tap can be used. Lunch at Clamms Fish and Chips, it was good as usual.

Anyway, I probably have to MIA for this whole month as final exam is coming soon. When I'm back after that, I really need to spend some time to arrange the photos that I have been taking for this whole year! Oh man, I'm just that lazy and not even bother to arrange the photos taken during my sydney trip back in 2010. Yea right, it has been two years. Wondering what have I been doing all these years.

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