Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beginner for Rock Climbing


Yesterday afternoon, met up with a friend and afterwards, headed to The Hardrock Climbing located at Melbourne CBD. First time doing it and frankly, I enjoyed this activity ! I always wanted to try it but not knowing any friends of mine would like to accompany me. I joined the event which is basically free for international students. For sure, I can't missed this opportunity! Also one of the incentives to attract my friends to join it with me. Say hi to Kelly and Phoebe! Cudos to them as they fear of height and still trying it out.  Both of them are expert in posing funny expression  as you can see in the photo.


I only managed to do up till level 12. That's the beginner level. The level of difficulty is based on the number.  Probably up till level 26?  On the other hand, I tried to climb another two walls after completed two walls and my arms literally lack of strength and feeling sore. Gave up on the half way, another one almost reach to top, I think! Oh well, hope I could come back and challenge it for next time! I do feel some adrenaline rush for rock climbing,

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