Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Balha's Pastry @ Brunswick

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New try of the day! - Lebanese Sweets and Pastries

Saw the lady was cutting this dessert and it attracted me. It sparked my curiosity and I asked : "What's the dessert?" The moment she spoke, I knew that I have asked the wrong question. She started explaining all the ingredients which I never heard any one of them before. Absolutely nothing absorb in my brain. Eventually, I tends to googled what's this dessert call.


"Kenefeh or spelled Knafeh, Kunafeh, Kunafah, is a traditional Arab cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup thought to have originated from the city of Nablus, in Palestine." cited from Wiki. 
Not a fan of this and my brother said it tastes like rotten egg! Come on, he never taste of any rotten eggs before. He just couldn't describe how weird it actually taste for him. Anyway, three of us included friend of mine, Andrina are not liking it as well.


Half Moon Cashews 


Bird Nest - Fillo Pastry, Syrup and Cashew


Nevertheless, the Half Moon Cashews and Bird Nest are crisply sweet !

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  1. Wow those are seriously huge plates of desserts! I love the sound of that kenefeh, wouldn't mind trying it when I'm next in the area. :D