Friday, May 18, 2012

Short update !

Finals are coming in two weeks time and that's explain why I don't blog these days. 
Anyway, would like to share some photos that I have been taken lately.  

Coffee expo @ Royal Melbourne Showground 
First time in my life, I drank lot of different flavours of coffee especially those contains high amount of caffeine. Surprisingly, I slept well on that night instead of staying awake. Kudos to me! Normally, one cup of coffee made me awake for whole day. FYI, I have pretty low tolerance in caffeine. 

Groceries @ Woolworths, Glen Waverly
Stock up for three weeks food supplies.

Breakkie @ Kelly's place. 
What's the best thing to feel warm during the cold days? Kelly's home-made breakfast ! 

View taken @ 10th Floor of Menzies Building, Monash University. 
One more week to go to end this semester. Oh wait, I still have final exams! 
Wish me luck! =) 

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