Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chickilia to Mook Ji Bar

If you havent been to Glen Waverly Chickilia (I posted in my blog) or been there and would like to visit it again, please DONT!


They moved it to the CITY !!! 

Was craving for korean food on the other day after the day trip for picking cherries. Somehow, when I stepped inside the restaurant, there was a notice about the new restaurant in the city and they are not going to operate the business at glen waverly any more. I feel a little bit down as my favourite korean food restaurant no longer nearby to the area where I'm staying at the moment. I need to look for one to replace it! I cant be always travel to the city and have their food as well. I will if I'm badly cravings for it.

By the way, they changed the restaurant's name to MOOK JI BAR. 

406, Lonsdale Street. 



The chefs are still the same. I'm glad. The servicing is quite bad but I dont mind at all. Another good thing is they have more choices in the menu now. =)

Dduk Bokki - Rice cakes, fish cakes, vegetabes, hard boiled egg and fried dumplings. 
Spicy stir-fried baby octopus, veges and noodles. 

Photos : Credits to Pey Jun 

This is extremely SPICY to me! But I love the baby octopus. It's chewy and fresh.

I cant recognised any korean singers' signature. If you do know one of them, let me know about it!


Wow! That's pretty impressive that some korean stars actually been visited them. Like Jang Geun Suk on the top left corner. As you can see, the two women who are wearing apron are the chefs!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    great food, great restaurant, great experience !