Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cafe On Eaton - Oakleigh

I'm craving thissssssssss at the moment. Thanks darren for the highly recommendation.

Oakleigh is another suburb of Melbourne and this area is known to have a strong Greek Cultural influence.
Thus, authentic greek food and desserts are easily found around this area.

One of the greek food you must have - Souvlaki !


Open Mini Plate - Mixed souvlaki - Lamb and Chicken [AUD12] 
Served with Tzatziki sauce and greek salads. 

They made a mistake for the portion and gave me the normal portion instead of mini plate one.


This is sensational.. Yums! 



Cafe on Eaton 
12 Eaton St, Oakleigh 3166.

Cafe On Eaton on Urbanspoon

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