Thursday, December 15, 2011

Camp Site - Ayer Rocks Resort

Arrived at Ayer Rocks Resort.. The first night of stayed.

We prepared lunch by ourself. They separated us into few teams and each team has their own duty for each meals. It wasnt that kind of luxury tour that they prepared everything for us. I love it that we just gotta self participate to do something throughout the trip.

The campsite.

The condition is good and its beyond my expectation.Unfortunately, the power plug wasn't working and not available for use specifically for the cabin by that time. But still, there are power plugs in the dining area, so that you could use it during night time. This is way much better! I did not expect anything of these for convenience

The bathroom.. There is hot water too! Blessed with that... Haha
Oh,You could use the power plugs in the bathroom too!


The Mashed Potatoes rocks! Self cooked by the tour guide. 
Camel Sausage, Kangaroo steak and Beef Steak.
First time ever had Kangaroo Steak in my life! It actually tastes good compare to beef steak. 

Dessert time - we had marshmallows. That's the best marshmallows I ever ate. Picked some random woodstick on the ground and used it to roast the marshmallows over fire. The best serve with biscuits. Marshmallows melted between the biscuits and tasted creamy. Superb awesome!

Instead of sleeping in the cabin, we slept on the ground with SWAG.

Sleep in a swag under the outback star
Credits : travelblog

Imagined sleeping under the swag and watching million stars in the sky. I saw several times of shooting stars as well !!!!!!! Best thing ever!

This photo not taken by me since my camera definitely not capable to take high resolution or capture the stars in the sky.  
Credits :

Before we slept in, we went to a specific area for stars watching. The walk towards the upper hill is amazing. It was getting darker and lights around the camp site was further away from us. Feels like entering into dark room and surrounded by stars. Recognised the milky way, southern cross, few star signs like Scorpio, Leo and so forth. OMG!!! Enjoyed every bit of moment of watching over the millions stars.

Sleeping under the starry sky.. One of my dreams come true during that night.

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