Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mid sem break is coming...

Busy Bee recently. Not too long ago, I was hired as a waitress in a Malaysian restaurant at Clayton. Yay! First job in Melbourne. I have applied quite a number of jobs but did not received any reply from anyone.

Bad timing. After the second day of working, the manager informed me that this restaurant was closing down in two weeks time. Ah huh? Quite surprised because they still hire me to work here. Started with low pay for the first day. Second day was good. They increased my pay based on my performance. Although the amount of money is consider as low pay, but I'm absolutely enjoy the working environment and I'm glad that I capable to handle the work well except the poor memory of remember the tables' number. 

Mid semester break will be starting on this weekend. I'm still busy. There is assignment due on this Sunday, another two assignments and mid-semester test after this semester break. Basically, there is no semester break for me! Urgh.... hopefully I could handle well. 

Spring season begins..

Matt Nathanson - Still 


  1. Hi Yuen Ling.

    Thank you for joining my giveaway :)

    That's a very pretty shot of those flowers blooming!
    Can't wait for spring to be on full bloom!


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  2. @Kim L. Welcome! Is my pleasure joining the giveaway and hopefully I could get it ! =)

    And thanks for the compliment! Glad to receive your message in my blog!