Thursday, July 21, 2011

The PaaaannnnnnCAKE Parlour ... ...

Buy 1 Free 1 
Short Stakes - 2 pancakes and an Ice Cream
With Maple Syrups 

Vanilla Ice Cream taste much better than Chocolate.

The Colossal 

3 Scoops of Vanilla + 3 Scoops of Chocolates Ice Creams, A Cherry, 
Strawberries which is frozen rather than fresh, Marshmallow, Roasted Almonds, Sliced bananas and home-made hot chocolate fudge served in the ENORMOUS GLASS!

By the way, I should have request for 6 scoops of Vanilla instead of Chocolates. Hmp!

Imagine how enormous of the glass could be by comparing my friend's face. XD

Had the Last farewell dinner with Lean See since she's going back to Malaysia for good.
Will be missing her a lot.

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  1. goodness, all of it is tempting me, esp with ice-cream added on top.