Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monash University Peninsula Campus

Monash University has six campuses in Victoria State - Clayton, Caufield, Peninsula, Berwick and Gippsland and Parkville. Currently, I'm studying at Clayton Campus which is quite far away from the city. Nearly take 1 hour journey to the city by travelling with bus and train from Clayton.

Tagged along with my friend, Lean See to explore the Peninsula campus. It is located 43 km from the city of Melbourne.We took free shuttle bus which is provided by Monash University from Clayton Campus to Peninsula Campus.

Or you could catch a train to Frankston and bus to Monash University.  Such a gloomy weather on that day. Sigh.

Building R - Student Residences 

Building L - Library. 

Building D - Business and Economics 

Building U - Monash Sports and Bookshop. 

Building GJ - George Jenkins Theatre

Building A - Education 

Thanks Michelle who brought us to the town of Frankston.

Had Lunch at La Porchetta 

Carbonara Pasta. Loves! 

Went to Frankston Beach after Lunch. 

Unfortunately, It was raining and couldn't have a walk on the beach.
Get to know Lean See! She used to be my normanby's mate. I will be missing her after she has graduated and just back to Penang on 7th July. Going to explore new places by myself again.. =(

Overall, It's quiet and I like the environment of the campus. It's much bigger compares to Berwick Campus. 
And I like the fact that there is beach in the town! 

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