Monday, July 11, 2011

Haven Backpacker Resort in Alice Springs

As I mentioned before, this trip is one of the best to me ever and definitely a place that you must visit when you are travelling around Australia. Departed from Melbourne to Alice Springs took around 2 and the half hours. Had early morning flight at 8.15am. Once we reached Alice Springs Airport, there is free airport transfer arranged by the Haven Resort. 15-20 minutes drive to arrive the accommodation. Comparing other accommodations available in Alice Springs, Haven Resort is considered the nearest accommodation to the town. Just 5 minutes walking! YHA is pretty good as it  is located in the town of Alice Springs. By the way, we joined the adventure tour for 3 days 2 nights.

I'm very surprised that there is small swimming pool ! Never thought of it. 
Mostly guests did was just sun tanning. The swimming pool doesn't seem clean though. 

Remember to adjust your time to 1 hour ahead if you are travelling from Melbourne.

Single Bed in 8-Bed Female Dormitory Room. Overall, I'm satisfied with the room condition and it's spacious for backpacker room. 

Provided Laundry Facilities. 

The 1st floor - Shared Kitchen Facilities.
They provide free breakfast in the morning!

Stayed one night in Haven Backpacker Resort and the next day, 6 hours drive to Ayers Rocks and will be staying in the tent for 2 nights. 


  1. This is what adventure is all about but I have not and don't think dare to backpack, great pictures.

  2. Thank you! =) You should try it and it's really nice experience in overall... I'm actually glad that I'm backpacking with my friends but not alone.

  3. will be waiting for your next post, as im planning for a trip to Uluru by end of the year..:-)

  4. @carollow

    Glad to hear that ! I'm Preparing for the next post =)