Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glen Waverly Chickilia

One of my favourite korean restaurant.. 
It's located at Glen Waverly. Just to let you know that Glen Waverly is part of my favourite place. Because the first day when I arrived in Melbourne, the first place that I visited? And Most of the time, I like going there for groceries. 

It's a very small restaurant and only fits for 15 people perhaps? 

Kimbap. 김밥

Spicy Fried Chicken Drumsticks and wings.  Loves! 

Dukbokki ! 떡볶이
Korean Spicy Rice Cakes.
Love how spicy it is.     

259 Springvale Road, Glen Waverly   
Contact : 03-9887-7777
Close on Monday 
Opening Hours : 11am - 9pm Tuesday-Sunday 

Some hints to look for the restaurant =) 

It's located opposite to the centro and the car parking. 

Once you saw the Waverly Original Charcoal Chickens, 

Just beside the Chemist's back entrance. The other way is you enter through the front entrance of the korean grocery shop.  

P/s : FYI, they moved to the city and no longer at Glen Waverly anymore. I blogged about this restaurant and click here for the post. =) 


  1. im barely on that side of town but will definitely give it a visit if i do drive past :) thx for the share

  2. What time did you go? Do you happen to know the opening hours at this place?

  3. @VTan

    I have added the details about this restaurant - contact number, address, and opening hours in this post after you asked. Lolx. . Hope it helps!