Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Night at Teluk Intan

Dinner for the night... Which is superb Awesome! Unfortunately, did not manage to take all the food pictures that we had on that day.  

 Yee Sang ! 

 Right! It's sharp fin soup with crab meats.
Unlike those KL restaurants would mix with imitations sharp fin.

Midnight - Supper! 

 By the time I and cousin went there was around 12am. And It's still open. 

This is the original chee cheong fun (Rice Rolls) From the Liew Kee Factory.
With only preserved vegetables - dark brown bits, aromatic shallots, dried shrimps and served with pickled green chillies. Okay. I have no idea what's the ingredients till I searched from the googles. Lolx! Anyway, is a MUST to eat this when you are at Teluk Intan. The next morning, without keeping it inside the fridge, it still taste good. 


  1. They're delicious!
    By the way, the 1st picture is "Yu Shang", right?

  2. Yea.. They are really delicious! =)