Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 2 - 6th July 2010 - Manly Beach [Sydney]

Next day My cousin and his family brought me to Manly Beach.
We took train from Artamon Station to Townhall Station. And again, we travelled for 30 minutes from Circular Quay to Manly Wharf through ferry as one of their main public transport services. Overall, it cost AUD2.50 as I were travelling with family on Sunday.

 BridgeClimb. It's very pricey but someday, I will try it if there there's a chance.

Love the scenes while on my way to Manly Wharf.


Every tourist attraction places, there must be a visitor centre. It's convenience for every tourists to check out more information about the attraction on that specific areas.

My cousin and his family. Thanks for providing free accommodation and dinner meals. =)
Had a great stay.

And we had our lunch here.

Sunday Market


Coincidentally, three street dancers were performing there.

On My way back to the Circular Quay wharf

This is the train in Sydney.Completely different compared to Melbourne.

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