Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Night in Sydney - 5th July 2010

Took Sky Bus At Southern Cross Station. It cost AUD16 for one way. One of the main public transport to Melbourne Tullmarine Airport. It takes approximately 20minutes to reach the international airport

There's another small airport for Tiger Airways. Instead of paying extra AUD10 [what's the point? ] and you gotta arrive here earlier for check-in, I did web-check in and not bringing any stuffs more than 7kg for hand-baggage.

On my way to Sydney on 5th July 2010!Departed at 6.20pm and reached there at 8.20pm. 2 hours journey from Melbourne to Sydney through flight.

 Took train from Airport to Central Station. 20 minutes Journey and it cost AUD15.

Waited cousin's family to pick me up from the train station and headed to Mamak! Awesome! Been not eating any nasi lemak or teh tarik for half year! Lolx. This restaurant quite famous. Gotta queue up and waited for 15 minutes? Quite a number of people still waiting for it when we were leaving. 

Next post - Mainly Beach. 

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